Sunday, October 19, 2014


This has been my view at church for a few weeks now.  I'm learning the software and routine to operate the tech computer for the services. 

I've wanted to be involved at my church.  I believe in serving where I'm placed.  But I'm not what you'd call a "people person."  I'm an introvert.  Being in constant contact with others, particularly strangers really takes it out of me.  In high school I was actively involved in theatre... but backstage... building sets, running lights and sound, giving cues to my team over the headset as stage manager.  I don't like being out front... I want to use my talents behind the scenes.

Not long after I started attending this church, I mentioned to a friend who was actively involved that tech is something I'd love to do.  But what I've found in most churches is that they have an established team for that kind of thing and there isn't much need for anyone else.  But as providence would have it, within a few months of making that desire known, the worship/administrative pastor made it known that they needed more people to fill in that role.  So... here I am!  I've helped out for a month or two now while I learn... and in a few weeks I'm taking a solo run.  I'm nervous but excited.  Mostly I'm just thrilled to be able to serve God and my church without leaping WAY outside of my comfort zone.

Tech involves running music before, after and between services, operating cameras and projectors, putting up the lyrics for worship songs, slides for announcements and pictures, notes and videos during the sermon. 

Yep... basically I'm an AV nerd. :)

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  1. That suits you! You were a great stage manager :) Very exciting.