Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hallie's Birthday

For Hallie's 11th birthday (also in July) she made specific requests... a pink swirled strawberry cake and strawberry milkshakes.

We went to the theatre as a family and watched Rise of the Guardians. She (like Sam) got a non-activated, WiFi only phone, among other things.

Hallie has always been precocious.  She was walking at 9 months and reading at 3.  She had the attitude of a 2 year old long before she turned 2... but woke up with it doubled on her second birthday.  Now that we're well into the preteen stage with Hallie, the glaring and nasty attitude are already well established (though I'm working hard to change that)... Her moods are volatile and rapid cycling.  I've suspected bipolar since she was 5... but we were told it couldn't be diagnosed (and thus managed) until 12.  One more year...

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  1. I wonder if now that pediatric bipolar is now in the diagnostic book, at least I believe it is, the doctors would be able to diagnose it now. We had Josh evaluated at Children's. The psychologist told us after a few months of meeting with him, that he would bet his year's salary that Josh was bi-polar. Meeting with the psychiatrist was a bust...she came out with the diagnostic book (a few years ago) and said he couldn't be bi-polar as he didn't match up to what the book, childhood bi-polar and adult bipolar are two different things. So, he was diagnosed with a mood disorder unspecified. So not helpful.