Thursday, October 16, 2014

Molly's Birthday

Molly turned 11 earlier this week.  For the first time ever one of the kids birthdays fell not just on a school day, but on a day they were with their dad.  I thought I was ok with that... we'd just celebrate when the kids got home.  But I woke up the morning of her birthday in kind of a funk.  So my friend Petor and I devised a plan... we kidnapped her after school and took her out for frozen yogurt.  (Don't call the cops... I informed her father and we have a good working relationship. He was fine with it.)

The next day (when she was back in my care), I picked her up after school and whisked her away to the outlet mall.  The thing she wanted most for her birthday was a new pair of Converse. (That's my girl!)  So I took her to Marysville to let her pick out a pair. 

Her request was for double chocolate monkey cupcakes with Runts bananas on top. 

Her other gifts included a tablet (like the other kids got for Christmas while she was at boarding school) and a movie she'd really wanted (from Petor.)

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